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WebhostingPad is an online hosting solution provider that provides hosting solutions for bloggers and content creators.  

Hosting gives access to your files(images, text files, podcasts, etc) to other people or your visitors when they visit your website or blog. or hosting is like a lock-up where all of your website's files are stored.

Choosing good hosting for a blog is somewhat be crucial because there are so many web hosting providers available in the market But WebhostingPad's hosting such legit for your blog.

Good web hosting should have 4 things.
  • SSL Certificate
  • Free Website Builder
  • Up-time
  • Free-domain
  • Refund Policy (Generally not with every hosting provider but only with WebhostingPad)
What is SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a security text file that serves security to your website. Without SSL Google considers websites "Not Secure" along with that your website can get a lower ranking in search engines which is not a good sign for your blog. So make sure your website should have a valid SSL Certificate.

Website Builder

A website builder is a tailor-made software that is responsible for giving your website a dynamic look. if you are just a beginner then it might be time-consuming to design your website by yourself. But if you are an expert in that then it might take minutes to design.

Don't get stuck! because along with hosting WebhostingPad gives you a free website builder that will help you to design your blog as per yours. You can customize every part of the website.

Some other website builders are 
Generally, Up-time is also called the loading time or speed of your website to a device (Usually Mobile, Tablet, PC). If you host your website on a good hosting provider then your website's uptime would be also good along with that it can maximize your website's UX( User Experience). 

But if you haven't host your website to a good hosting company then your website will lose the UX that will impact your website ranking because if a user entering into your site and he/she will not get any good returns from it then it wouldn't be a good sign for your website. Along with that, it will decrease the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your website. 

So make sure to think for a while when choosing it.


When you purchasing web-hosting and along with that they are offering a free domain for a time-bound then it increases your happiness a bit more. In the case of WebhostingPad that gives you a free TLD domain(.net, .com, .in, .uk, .ru) for one year along with hosting. 

So enjoy your free domain for one year.

Points to remember while choosing a domain for your website.
  • Keep it short and simple: Try to make your domain or web address short and simple because sometimes it is hard to remember a website's address if it is longer than enough. 
  • Keyword Friendly: Choose a domain name as keyword-friendly because it becomes more simple to ranking a website with targeted keywords.
  • Use TLDs: As I told you before this please try to use TLDs (.com, .net, .in, .uk, .org) with your website's address.

Refund Policy

A refund policy is not common in all hosting companies but in the case of WebhostingPad, you will be refunded if you are satisfied with their services. Click here to know more

🤔Why WebhostingPad

You will get everything that you need to create design and optimize your website.

Website Builder: With the website builder you can design your website as you want.

Professional E-mail: Create unlimited professional emails for your business with an auto-responder and built-in spam filter.

SSL Certificate: Give true encrypted security to your website so that your website ranking increases that will also increase your website CTR.

Uptime (99.9% Guaranteed): Speed up your website with 99.9% guaranteed uptime that will decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Easy to Add Google Analytics: Connect your website with the world's best web analytics platform that is Google Analytics. To do that, Just type Analytics in the search engine and then click on Google Analytics and then add your website's property into that.

WordPress Install: You can install your website into WordPress with a single click.

Here is the Deal

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