good design vs bad design in software engineering

Good Design vs Bad Design

Good design vs Bad design in software engineering

No design process always works. Usually some sort of design is produced as the result of an organized design process, but the result may be inadequate in several ways. To Design/Develop a software is a very crucial task for an software designer as well as software developer. Here some characteristics that could be Good as well as Well for designing.


  1. Cost
  2. Change
  3. Logic 
  4. Nature
  5. Extension
  6. Link
In terms of Cost Good Design can consume small amount of money, assets and efforts.
In terms of Cost Bad Design  can consume large amount of money, assets time and efforts.

Good Design - Change in part of the system doesn't always require a change in another part of the system.
Bad Design - One conceptual change requires changes to the many parts of the system.

Good Design -Every piece of logic has one and one home.
Bad Design- Logic has to be duplicated.

Good Design- It could be simple.
Bad Design- Higher chances to be complex.
Good Design-System can be extended with changes in only one place.
Bad Design- System can't be extended so easily.

Good Design- The logic link can easily be found. 
Bad Design- The logic link can't be remembered.

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