requirement engineering in software engineering

Requirement engineering 

Requirements engineering is used to be known as requirements analysis. Now,  requirements engineering is becoming a discipline on it's own right(Berry 1998).

A recent study of the Standish group with the American industry confirms that requirements are the source of the approximately 50% of the problem viz. delays, quality of problems or drift of costs.

One of the answers to overcome these problems is requirement engineering. In a traditional approach, a complex system is seen as a sum of optimized system in it's environment. 

All the required aspects related to requirements engineering and specification are as:

Requirement engineering definitions

Requirement engineering is relatively recent term that denotes the set of activities data associated with the elicitation, specification, and management of requirements for a Computer Based system

According to Pohl in 1993, requirements engineering can be defined as the systematic process of developing requirements through an interactive Cooperative process of analyzing a problem documenting the resulting observations in a variety of Representation formats and checking the accuracy of understanding gained.

According to Pohl's definition requirement engineering can be considered as the process enabling us to populate a requirement document

According to Macaulay, requirement engineering is the process of finding out the future requirements of the system and associated changes. Requirement engineering focuses on "what" needs to be designed rather than "how" it can be assigned. Tensioning is not a one time activity but instead should be revisited at every stage of the development process to find out if the requirements have changed at all and if not are they being meet.

Requirement Engineer 

Requirement engineering is a person who takes the concept of the project in responsible for creating the requirements documentation

Requirement engineering is also involved in the various stages of the software life cycle to make sure that the documented requirements are meet. In order to achieve the end result a wide range of skills at is defined for requirement engineer

According to Macaulay, the requirements engineering needs the attributes of Superman or Wonder Woman(Macauley1996)

Requirement engineering should poses the knowledge and experience ...using CASE tools

  • Using general modelling techniques, including formal language and conceptual modelling.
  • Using particular modelling language and the ability to choose the best one among them for a given problem.
  • Management and traceability tools.
  • Tools and techniques in HCI techniques in product planning and marketing.

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