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V Shaped Life Cycle Model

Commonly, the model that used for the software development life cycle has been sequential, with the development progressing through a number of well-defined phases. A V or waterfall model's diagram usually represents the sequential phases. These models are respectively called a v life cycle model or  a waterfall life cycle model.
v shaped model in software engineeringA
V Shaped Model


  • This type of life cycle model can be used for a little more complex projects than the waterfall model.
  • The system and functional testing of requirements can be capture any requirements changes at the beginning and can reduce their creep.
  • In this model, it is possible to obtain user satisfaction by showing them the result of requirements functional testing.


  • The only drawback of this model is that here also the functional unit can be seen only at the end of the development. So if the project is of low risk and sufficient resources are available then this model may be preferred over waterfall model.

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