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software project planning in software engineering

Software Project Planning

The purpose of Software Project Planning is to establish reasonable plans for performing the software engineering and for managing the software project.

Software Project Planning involves developing estimates for the work to be performed, establishing the necessary commitments, and defining the plan to be perform the work.

The software project planning begins with a statement of the work to be performed and other constraints and goals that define and bound the software project. The software planning process includes steps to estimates the size of the software work products and the resources needed, produce a schedule, identify and assess software risks and negotiate commitments. Iterating through these steps may be necessary to establish the software development plan.

This plan provides the basis for performing and managing the software project's activities and addresses the commitments to the software project's customer according to the resources, constraints, and capabilities of the software project.

Goals of Software Project Planning

  • Software estimates are documented for use in planning and tracking the software project.
  • Software project activities and commitments are planned and documented.
  • Affected groups and individuals agree to their commitments related to the software projects.

Activities of Software Project Planning

  • The software engineering group initiates software project planning in the early stages of the overall project planning.
  • The software engineering group participates with other affected groups in the overall projects planning throughout the project's life.
  • Software projects commitments made to individuals and groups external to the organisation  are reviewed with senior management according to a documented procedures.
  • A software life cycle with predefined stages of manageable size is identified or defined.
  • The project's software development plan is developed according to a documented procedure.
  • The plan for the software project id documented.
  • Software work products that are needed to establish and maintain control of the software project are identified.
  • Estimated for the size of the software work product are derived according to documented procedure.
  • Estimates for the software project's effort and costs are derived according to a documented procedure.
  • The project's software schedule is also derived according to documented procedure.
  • The software risks associated with the cost, resource, schedule, and technical aspects of the project are identified,assessed, and documented.
  • Plans for the software engineering facilitates and support tools are prepared.
  • software planning data are recorded.

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