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Software Projects Scheduling Techniques  in software Engineering
Software Engineering

Software Project Scheduling

Software Project Scheduling is one of the most difficult jobs of the software project manager. It is an extremely difficult because much of the information used in it is empirical and based on a particular individual experience. 

There are many techniques for estimating the time and resources required for a project. Estimates of the time and resources required for a project are almost always optimistic, especially when the system being developed is technologically advanced or is significantly different from other projects that the organisation has developed.

Additionally, competition for bids can lead to an optimistic estimates. This is not unique to software development projects, but is more frequently true to software projects than other kinds of engineering projects.

Project Scheduling Activities
  • Identify all the tasks and activities within the project.
  • Identify dependencies among the activities i.e. a unit must be tested before it can be integrated into the system.
  • Estimate the resources(time) required for each activity.
  • Allocate the peoples for activities.
  • Determine the order of the activities.
  • Estimates the resources (time) required for the entire development project.

Software Project Scheduling Technique

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