what is an software engineer [Skills to know about an software engineer]

Who is software Engineer

Software Engineer/Developer  is an person who is applied all the principles for design, development, deployment and maintenance& testing a software as often advised by system analyst or architect testing both hardware and software system to resolve system faults  

The work of an software engineer can also form part of an multimedia programmer’s role

They uses appropriate techniques and tools depending on problem ,development constraints and the resources available to them

what is an software engineer

Skills of an software engineers

A perfect software engineer must posses varying kinds of skills
  • General Skills
  • Programming skills
  • Communication skills
  • Design skills

General Skills

  • Interviewing skills to facilitate the acquisition of information.
  • Group-working skills,includes participating in meetings and  the ability to work in a collaborative way.
  • Facilitation skills,such as the ability to lead a group.
  • Negotiation skills to support consensus building.
  • Analytical skills to support the analysis of an organisational situation prior to any proposals for solutions.
  • Problem solving skills to support the search for alternative solutions.
  • Presentation skills, including the ability to write coherent documents using work processors.
  • Modelling skills, including business,process,data and object modeling,using a variety of notations.
Besides, software engineers must have the capability and skills to respond to the such type of questions.
  • How and when using prototyping.
  • How to select hardware, software and programming language.
  • How to select computer language and develop computer programs.
  • How and which project testing techniques to apply.
  • How to choose and use software maintenance techniques.

Programming Skills

  • Data structures and algorithms.
  • Programming languages.
  • Tools: Compilers, debuggers, editors.

Communication skills

Communication skills are much important for software engineers,as they have to converse with different types of persons at different times. it includes 
  • Spoken, written, presentations
  • Teamwork
  • Able to talk with external peoples(Customers)

Design Skills

An software engineer must be a good designer. Software engineer should:
  • Be familiar with several approaches
  • Be flexible and open to application domains
  • Application domain jargon and model
  • Requirement and specification declarative model
  • Architectural design, high level operational model
  • Detailed Coding

Some important aspects of  a software:

1.Software is always evolved or engineered but not manufactured
2.Software code is couldn't be change automatically.Some foolish peoples said that the software has been corrupted but it is not correct.Errors are always occurs in the hardware parts of the machine.

3.Technology is always grow up only on the basis of need of users.
4.Software price always depends on the quality.
5.software are always hardware dependent.
6.Updates always made on the basis of the end-user need. When the peoples wants more or additional features at that time developer writes more codes on that particular software. 

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