selling phone[Things to know before selling your used phone]

Before selling your phone

selling used phone

Today, Our mobile phone is like a best friend for us. Sometimes, it seems to be that if we have our phone then we don't need anybody. With our phone, we can do a lot of things i.e. calling, watching something on Youtube, read news from the web, gaming. All this is happened by a single search when we are using the phone. This shows our interests on the internet when surfing the internet. Our interests are the data that we don't want to share with anyone except google. This data is always residing in our mobile. Sometimes we get stuck with our phone and our desire to buy a new phone. But we also think to sell the used/old phone. At that time most of the peoples simply delete the names of their accounts,numbers from the phone and then went to sell. Doing this can lead you to a problem with your private data such as your surfing history, your accounts. Please keep in mind these simple steps before selling.

1. When you sell your old phone to someone there are more chances to be stealing your personal information

2. If you think that you have already deleted your information from your phone and your information is completely/permanently deleted from your phone. Then you are wrong here is a folder in our android mobile that is JUNK Folder

3. Now You want to know what is junk folder. Junk folder or files are the temporary files such as cache files, residual files. These are created by running programs or during the installation of apps. These are the files which always left behind on our phone. These are always created in mobiles automatically

How to delete the junk folder

 To delete the junk folder or to get rid of the junk folder. First, delete all the cache files from your phone memory. This process will reduce the memory space. Now go to the phone setting and then go to the storage option to delete all the junk files from the phone

Sometimes whenever we are selling our phone it is not so important to delete or remove Junk folders or other data because most of the peoples don't know about these things also not desire to need these things they simply bought the mobile from us. But the need of doing these things is only the goal of hackers because they need only the information of the peoples. But for your security reasons, it is important 

You can also use this software for your data security

2.McAfee Security

3.Kaspersky Security

4.Total Security

5.Avast Anti-Virus Security

6.Norton 360 Security

7.Avast AVG Anti-Virus (Best for Android)

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