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What is Software Engineering

"Software Engineering" is a discipline whose aim is the production of quality software that is delivered on the time, within budget, and that satisfies the user requirement or Software engineering is a discipline of applying all the principles to develop software within the less time. Software is simply a set of instructions that are developed by software developers. In a very simple way, the software is that thing we can not touch it. Software is always developed based on the user's requirement.
what is software enginerring

                   Software=Code+Documentation+Operation Procudure

software engineering
Software Engineering
Other Definitions:-
Software engineering is the application of principles, skills, and art to the design and construction of programs and the system of programs.
Software engineering is the application of a systemic,disciplined, and quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software.
Software engineering is the application of scientific knowledge in the design and construction of computer programs and the associated documentation required to develop, operate, and maintain them within less time.
4.)Peer Torngren(1997)
Software engineering is what engineers do.
5.)Howard Johnson(1997)
Software engineering is what you do when you have two or more people working on a project.
Software engineering is concerned with the theories, methods, and tools that are needed to develop software products cost-effectively.
Software engineering is doing programming under one of the following conditions:
 .More than one person is involved in the construction and/or use of the programs.
 .More than one version of the program will be produced.

Characteristics of Software:

a)Software is always evolved or engineered but not manufactured.
b)The software does not wear out.
c)Software always evolves.
d)The efficiency with which the software is evolved/engineered is of crucial importance.
e)Software engineering concerns the construction of large programs.
f)Regular cooperation between people and an integral part of programming.

Principles of Software Engineering:

Software process and its characteristics
.Software Specification
.Software Development
.Software Validation
.Software Evaluation

Software Engineering Domains:
.Red-Time Software<Railway Reservation System>
.Web Software<Monzilla Firefox,Google Chrome>
.Embedded Software<Pi,Matlab,Ruspberry>
.System Software<OS,Debugger,Compiler>
.Business Software<Share Market,ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)>
.Engineering and Scientific<Auto CAD,MS/2,CAM>
.Artificial Intelligence<Prolog,Deep Vision(For Facial Recognition),Salesforce,IBM WATSON,Engati(Chatbot Platform),Azure>


The average pay scale of a software engineer in the USA is $80,000. But it is totally based on your experience and company in which you are working. If you are working with Top Tech companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, and your experience is not more than 3-4 years so you can expect up to $15000-20000. But getting a job in such type of companies is not an easy task. you should be prepared more than you think.


If you have done your Graduation/Degree in Computer Science then it would be easy to get this job. Sometimes peoples change their minds regarding their education. Most of the cases peoples done their bachelors/degree in other streams but at the time of masters, they choose computer science. Based on their masters they got the job but they have only sufficient knowledge about the job. Doing the graduation and masters in the same stream is much better for getting a job. Having a degree is not important for some of the companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, Pinterest,Instagram they don't require your degree if you have basic/advanced knowledge as per your profile then it would be much beneficial for your carrier. To gain your knowledge much then your degree.

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