computer is hanging[10 Reasons of why computer is start hanging]

Hey, Buddies now a day we all are using Laptops/Computers. We are using these devices for simplifying our daily tasks such as creating spreadsheets or presentations using MS-Powerpoint. web surfing using browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, other special tasks like video editing or programming. Most of the users are download lots of software to their computers. With the time being the computers were getting slow. But have you ever think about why they were getting slow. Today, we will let you know what are the common reasons for these problems.
computer hanging problems

 1.Connecting the laptop to a power supply the wrong way.

The most and common reason i.e. connecting the laptop to a power supply the wrong way. Most of the peoples doing that they plug-in the charger to the power supply first then switch on and then plug -in the charger on the laptop. They don't have to do that. Simply they have to plug-in the charger to the laptop first and then plug-in the charger into the power supply for charging the laptop.

2. Plugging into the power source without inserting the battery to the laptop.

Plugging into the power source without removing the battery from the laptop can leads your device to be complete destruction within the less time because when your laptop is free from the battery then there will be many chances of computer destruction. Because it affects the computer's hardware directly and it's peripherals like a keyboard(if using the computer), mouse, printers. 

3.Being impatient as you turn on or restart your PC. 

If you are impatient as you turn on or restart your PC it can lead you to the major problem with your computer. doing the devices turn On and Off or Restart again and again over the period can minimize your PC's performance as it was not on its initial days. 

4. Not paying enough attention to your software.

Well, It is good to know the basics of the software means how to use them. But it is not allowed to install much software to your PC because if you are using more to them it will directly affect your PC's RAM by which your computer might be faced hanging problems and errors. Always stay updated with the software that you are using if there are any updates to them. Because software with no update can also show the hanging problems or they can take some time to be run.   

5. Transporting your laptop in sleep or hibernation mode.

Sometimes when we spending more time with our computer we get stuck and we simply switch the computer on sleep mode. But doing such types of tasks can leads to hanging to your PC or maybe become hot. It also drains the battery of your computer. 

Important: Doing hibernation mode again and again over a time period can crash or corrupt your computer's window and memory also

6. Exposing the screen to the direct sunlight.

Your computer may become hot if you are using a PC in direct sunlight. Because Sunlight has UV(Ultra-Violet Rays) which can warm to any electrical object. The temperature of the battery may be much high so it can be a blast. So keep away your PC from the direct sunlight.  

7.Keeping your laptop too hot.

If you are using the laptop for a long time it may become hot. Computers always become hot when you are using heavy software like video editing, programming consoles. In that situation simply clear all the apps that are running in the background and other also. Doing this can increase your battery life. 

8.Using a cheap replacement power supply.

If you are using a cheap replacement power supply for charging your computer then it can completely drain your PC's battery. It is recommended to use only the genuine or original power supply for your computer. Always ahead of the cheap things they will only harm you.

9. Installing and uninstalling lots of programs.

 If you are installing and uninstalling lots of programs again and again it will harm the whole to your computer. Because assigning memory to the application creates cache files a lot of time when you install them. Your PC's performance goes slow down automatically. To install the applications only as per your requirement. 

10. Cleaning the screen the wrong way.

Do not clean your computer's screen with any liquid chemical like glycerin, sanitizer they can blur your computer's screen glass. Always use only soft cotton cloth for cleaning the screen's dust. Always keep away such type of cleaning things from your computer.

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