Samsung Galaxy Buds Bluetooth Wireless: Update

Samsung Galaxy Buds

South Korean Electronic Company Samsung has announced that it is updating a new connectivity feature to Galaxy Buds through an update. This feature allows users to go completely wireless and Now, users can enjoy the music like never before-weather you are around your home, on running.

Samsung galaxy buds update

Easily connectivity with your PC
With the Microsoft Swift feature you can now easily connect your Galaxy buds with your windows 10 PC. This allows you to utilize the sound of your galaxy buds while using remote video meetings, listening, music, talking to someone while on call. With the addition of Swift pair, your galaxy buds+ provide you connectivity with the more devices such as with your PC and mobile also so that you can connect or switch with the devices.

Tune In/Out of

Samsung galaxy buds software updates

The world around you
With this update, Now with your galaxy buds you can experience the Ambient sounds automatically. By simply switching ON your buds you can now hear your surroundings and remain aware of the world around you. Even you are watching movies or listining songs and also you can experience the same things while using one earbud.

Samsung galaxy buds update

Listen your personalized playlists with one touch
If you are Spotify user so now can personalize your playlists only with one press. Through a simple "Tap & Hold" gestures users can launch Spotify and start listening the music where they left off. With these updates you can easily manage your sound track and can start to listen your personalized library.

Description:-Samsung Electronics launches some updates to galaxy buds at 27-April2020. To maximize the user's experience. Also with this updates users also hear the outside of the world around them

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