Ways of how to earn money online at home

There is so many ways of earning but if you are want to earn more from an Internet. If you are an employee in IT sector it could be a little bit complex task but if you want to earn an extra income you have to be do it by following these steps :-

1.Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marking is one of the best way to earn money online easily. Because you not need to buy and sell anything from yourself. You not need to work more. You have to only sign up with affiliate marketing apps or sites. After signup,everything is ready. You will earn commission because if anyone click on the add that are showing on your own website and buy anything from the store. You will get some commission. It's easy.

Sites that have affiliate program

1.Amazon Affiliate Program

2.Flipkart Affiliate Program






Blogging(Article Writing) is an great source of earning from the internet.If we talking about blogging on Blogger.First you need to write minimum 15 to 20 posts on it and after that you need to apply for Google AdSense(Product of Advertising from the Google). After getting an confirming e-mail from the google.They sends a code(script code) to you. You have to copy and paste this code on your blog.So things are ready.Google adds successfully placed on your blog.Now you can make money by page views.
Some other Ways for applying on Wordpress.com,Joomla.com,Medium.com,Ghost.com,weebly.com,and so much other blogging sites. They can be charge you for blogging and hosting.But Blogger and Wordpress are the best sites for blogging.In wordpress you could choose an Premium or Medium Packs for great features for a limited time period.


Trading is another way of earning money online. Because in trading you have to trade as your budget.Trading is type of share market. There are 50-50 % chances that you can earn up to trade you  have choose and loosing money. So before doing trade make sure that which trade you want to do.

Some applications of trading are as:



3.IQ Option

4.IQ Broker

5.Expert Option



4.Doing Surveys

Filling surveys online is also a way of earning from the internet. In this you websites pay to you whenever there is an ongoing survey.They not provide more money but it's limited. You might have to be wait for a huge money to get from them. On the internet there are many filling surveys websites so search this keyword on the google. You will see many websites. But click only on the first page websites not other.



3.Swag Bucks

4.My Surveys

5.Prize Rebel

5.Making Apps online

Making online apps is the best ways to earn money online. On the internet here are the many websites by which you can make your own app based on the category that you like. In the Google's play store there are thousand of applications that are not build by the coding. They are officially created by these websites and of course they are at very high rating. So don;t waist your time go ahead. Make your own app quickly.









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