difference between c and python[know about it]

Hey, Beginners today I am going to show you how C and Python languages differ from each other and which is easy to learn. There are hundreds of programming languages available in the market. Some of the famous programming languages (C, C++, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Python, Rust, Go RubyOnRails, and so on.) are used by many companies. According to the Stackoverflow survey, Javascript got the highest rank in later years for web scripting. Another hand Python is the most demanding programming language of this century. Also, it is highly recommended for the data science job. 
difference between c and python

Now you will see the difference between these languages. 
.If you want to print something on the console using C(Ex. Hello World). You should write this simple code within a minimum of 6. lines

For ex. #include<stdio.h>


           void main()


             printf("Hello C");


O/P:-Hello C


.If you want to print the same code in Python. You should write it only within 1 line


          print("Hello Python")

          O/P:-Hello Python

Look at the difference between both languages

Now you understand which is better to learn. There are thousands of jobs for Python programmers in the market. Go to any job portal and apply for this job.

I am not claiming C language but I am recommended you the best and demanding. Don't waste your time with another language. Because time is more important than everything.

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