data science job in India: 4 types of data scientists

Data Science:-

data science job and how they interact

Today's is the best job in an IT Sector is Data Scientist/Science job. It is the most demanding technology of that decade. To get this job you have to knowledge in the programming of Python language. Because it is also the most used programming language in Data Science and AI(Artificial Intelligence) also.

Today there are thousands of companies who need to work on this technology and they hiring smart peoples. It is also used in many areas like in IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and communications, Medical sectors, and much more.

Myths about Data Science/Scientist:-
1.Data Science is only for genius or highly mathematical brains.

2.Data Science is the need for a bulk of data.

3.If you know coding then only you could be a data scientist.

4.Data Science and Business intelligence are the same.

5.Data Scientists are not scientists in any meaningful sense.

Types of Data Science job

1.Data Analyst
To become a perfect data analyst you should know about the programming language that is familiar with solving data problems like Python. Along with this having a piece of great knowledge or master in excel or Tableau for producing the data visualization and data reports.

A company like Google Facebook, Twitter, and so on are great places to grow and test your skills to become a Data Analyst.

2. Data Engineer
Data is everything for a company also it is the basic building block of a company. To secure their data they need a professional and valuable engineer. Having programming knowledge is not everything to become a Data Engineer. Along with this strong software, skills are much important. If you have a strong background in software engineering then you can easily analyze, design the data. Because a software engineer knows how to refine the data more accurately and how to handle the procedures during designing or development of a software product.

Data Engineer is the highest paid job than others. Gear Up your skills to become a data engineer

3. Machine Learning Engineer
Here are so many companies for whom their data is their product. Machine Learning keeps us in its major role in this process. Machine learning is a part of AI(Artificial Intelligence) the actual meaning of machine learning is the machine will learn things by itself. Forex. The smartphone is the major example of machine learning where you can unlock/lock your smartphone by face or by fingerprint sensors. Even you can boost your skills only with one demanding and best programming language i.e. Python.

Major companies in the market need skilled and smart peoples if you have great skills then Go ahead and grab your job first.

4.Data Science Generalist
Along with data engineers, data analysts and machine learning engineers having a Data Generalist are much important. Basically, the role of a data generalist is to make a team of all the data scientists and handles them for a specific task. 

If you are pursuing your graduation(3 years) or equivalent degree(4 years) in CS or IT. You should know about this technology. Because when it will the time of when you would be recruited, recruiters will also ask many things from you but this is the main thing that they will ask from you.
data science job and how they interact
Python programming language is the best for simplifying the data and problems. Because it has libraries that are useful for handling major problems. Also, Python is very easy to learn from another programming language. If you are not familiar with the other programming language like c,c++, or java or you don't have enough knowledge about the programming language. 

Easily you can start your carrier in a programming language with python. Because data science is the most specific job and to become a data science engineer you should know about programming language i.e. python will help you to get this job. 

Lots of Fortune 100 companies like Google, Adobe, HCL, Twitter, Youtube, TCS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, IBM(International Business Machine) and so many companies have demanded data science engineers. The package of a data science engineer is around US 95000$ which is the highest paying job than others.

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