whatsapp update download[Dark mode,splash Screen,whatsapp updates]

New features of Whatsapp are very useful. Whatsapp features are always interesting and users are always waiting for the new upcoming features. Whatsapp regularly tests features of its beta versions which can also be experienced by the users. Now whatsapp recently added some other new advanced features like splash screen, self-destructing messages, hide muted status, new group privacy and more. These features are now available for Android and ISO.

Whatsapp features:-

Whatsapp new updates


Self-destructing messages:-

This is one of the interesting feature that will excite the Whatsapp users. Because it's name suggest it's feature that user can turn on self-destructing messages and can allot the time under which all messages will be destructed by itself. Unlike feature 'Delete for everyone', and this feature will not  show that the message has been deleted.

Hide Muted Status:-

The 'Hide Muted Status' is would be lovable by the user. Users can mute status updates but they are visible at the bottom of the screen. Users can completely hide muted status updates. They can retrieved them from a separate section.

New Group Privacy:-

This features allows users to choose either 'Everyone', 'My Contacts','Nobody', for whatsapp groups.The actual mean of this feature is users have to choose contacts manually.

Splash Screen:-

This is not only an great feature on whatsapp but a major update to whatsapp's UI. Now when users open the app they will greeted with screen showing whatsapp's logo at the center of the screen.This feature is now available for both major OS like android and ISO.

Dark Mode:-

The 'Dark Mode' Feature is the one of the most demanded feature. It is launched for the new updated versions of whatsapp and not available for the beta versions.But it would be another great feature of whatsapp. Sometimes it is little bit difficult to users to use whatsapp in night. But after this feature user will not face any inconvenience while using whatsapp in night time.

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