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Stadia(By Google)

google stadia free

Stadia is an upcoming cloud gaming platform operated by Google. It is to be capable of streaming video games up to 4K resolution at 60 frames/second with the support of high dynamic to players via the company numerous data centers across the globe, provided they are suing high-speed connection. 

It is also accessible through the desktop Google Chrome web browser, on smartphones, smart televisions, cable, or Chromecast.

The service is integrated with Youtube and it’s share button allows users of a Stadia stream to launch a game on the service on the same save state as the streamer. This has been used as a selling point for the service. It is compatible with the HD class USB controllers, through a proprietary controller manufactured by Google with the direct wi-fi link to data centers will be available alongside the service. 

Stadia is not like Netflix, required users to purchase games to stream but Stadia rather than pay for access to a library of games. While the base service will be free, a Pro tier monthly subscription allows users to stream at higher rates for larger resolutions and offer to add free games to their library.

Known in development as Project Stream, the service was debuted through a closed beta running Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in October 2018, with a public release planned in November 2019 in some selected countries. It competes with Sony’s PlayStation Now service Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and Microsoft’s Xbox Project Cloud.
google stadia free
Google Stadia


Stadia is a cloud gaming platform. Stadia requires no additional hardware, only requires a high-speed internet connection and support for Google chrome. Google has been built out a large number of data centers across the globe. the company believes that Stadia is in a better position for cloud gaming compare to past endeavors like Onlive, PlayStation Now, Gaikai as most players would be geographically close to data centers. 

Stadia supports the streaming of games in HDR at 60 frames/second with 4K resolution and anticipates eventually reaching 120 frames/second at 8K resolution. Players can start games without download new content to their personal devices. Players can opt to record or stream their sessions on Youtube through Stadia. Stadia will offer two-tier services, a free level, and a pro-level, and a Pro level.

The Pro level will be US$10/month. But allows users to access higher streaming rates. access a library of free games over time, and get discounts for other games of Stadia.

Internet Speed Requirement

Stadia will require at least 10MB/s for 720p 60 FPS Stereo, 20MB/s for 1080p HDR Video 60 FPS 5.1 surround,and 35MB/s for 4K HDR video 60 FPS 5.1 Surround

List Of Games On Stadia:-

  • .Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

  • .Marvel’s Avengers

  • .Baldur's Gate 3

  • .Borderlands 3

  • .The Crew 2

  • .Cyberpunk 2077

  • .Darksiders Genesis

  • .Destiny 2

  • .Doom

  • .Doom Eternal

  • .Final Fantasy XV

  • .Grid

  • .Farming Simulator 19

  • .Tom Clancy’s The Divison 2

  • .Gods and Monsters

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